UP makes Europe’s biggest purchase of Epson 20k projector

Universal Pixels has made the biggest investment in Epson’s EB-L20000U laser projector in EMEA, and the first in the UK, with the purchase of 20 units.

21st October, 2019

UP invested in 20 EB-L20000U laser projectors to support a growing and increasingly diverse clientele across the UK and Europe. The EB-L20000U is the first in the 20k lumen WUXGA sector from Epson and was designed to expand Epson’s line-up in the high-end AV rental sector.

The growing demand within theatre, cinema and other bespoke visitor attractions has opened the door to more opportunities, leading UP to expand its fleet of Epson projectors where their durability and flexibility will be put to the test in a wider array of environments.

Ollie Luff, co-founder of Universal Pixels, said: “Providing high-entertainment value for our customers means our kit needs to deliver on the vision and expectations that we establish for each activity. What will continue to be a priority for UP, particularly as we increase and diversify our clientele, is a projector fleet that is not just reliable and robust, but easily able to adapt to different light and environmental challenges. Epson’s team in the UK have been trustworthy and efficient and the faith we’ve instilled in their product has served our business well.”

Sharon Head, sales manager for professional displays at Epson UK, said: “UP is a great success story and watching them go from strength to strength over the past three years is a testament to their ability to perform well in a high-pressured industry, where you can ill-afford equipment failures. What’s been most important for us is the relationship with UP, which has not only helped give them the right confidence in our brand, but it’s helped UP to explore the limits of what our projectors can really do in so many different and tough environments.”