UP further expands its rental fleet with a second Snell 2ME 4K Capable PPU

Universal Pixels, UP, has continued to invest heavily in the entertainment industry with a brand new second PPU to help service an ever growing client base.

17th August, 2017

The latest PPU follows a similar spec to the one initially developed for Robbie Williams “The Heavy Entertainment Tour” Stadium Tour. At the core of the system sits a Snell Advanced Media Vega Frame, and a 2ME Kula system. This was selected by UP’s Technical Advisor, Richard Burford, due to the extensive flexibility it offers to all events.

“Beyond the fully customisable multiviewer, 96 bi-directional HD-SDI Ports, we also have the ability to take HDMI & Fibre feeds directly in or out of the router, not only reducing valuable space needed for sideboard equipment but also significantly reducing system latency.

The existing system infrastructure can also instantly scale up to a full 3ME system simply by adding another Kula panel. This allows UP to scale from a simple 4 camera shoot to a full stadium 12+ camera shoot at a moment's notice.”

Packaging of the product was an area Richard was keen to improve on from previous systems. “Traditionally Portable Production Units, lacked a certain amount of portability & finesse. This latest system is all based around the dimensions of 4ft trunk. The whole system packs down to form a single wall in a truck pack, saving everyone critical time during loading/unloading & valuable trucking space. Our flightcase company, BCS Manufacturing, did a fantastic job squeezing so many elements into our demanding footprint.”

Other core components of the system include TSL Tallyman products, Sony OLED Monitoring, APC UPS protection, Green-go comms systems, Riedel Max D2 Headsets, Genelec Audio Monitoring, Cisco Managed Gigabit Networking, Ross OpenGear Frames, Ross SPG SRG-4400.

For more details and rental enquiries please get in touch.