New 3G Block Camera

A state of the art 3G block camera and Remote Control Panel (RCP) has been custom manufactured to further help UP fully service the entertainment industry.

21st July, 2017

Universal Pixels, UP, are pleased to announce the latest addition to their rental camera range with a unique mini cam solution.

Richard Burford, Technical Advisor to UP, comments that "This camera is a great solution to many situations where a discrete but fully functional camera is required. Once connected to UP’s RCP-EV01 all controls of the mini cam are fully accessible remotely, over one convenient ethercon connection, and signal over one standard 3G BNC. Genlock is also possible maybe this camera a truly compelling solution"

The RCP-EV01 itself features all the standard features you would expect, focus, iris, shutter, zoom, white balance and resolution output selection for the camera, and the ability to control up to 5 cameras with 5 preset positions. All of this is contained within the industry standard 1/4 rack width.

Richard Burford also notes "This mini camera uses the same internal image components as our stock of Agile Arc360 & ArcLight Robo cameras allowing it to sit side by side on the same rig with no discernible difference between image quality”

Phil Mercer, Co-Founder, also comments "No attention to detail has been missed on this, the camera housing is precision milled from aircraft grade aluminium on a machine that usually makes parts for ejector seats! This product is a great example of just how much we strive for perfection on every project we undertake, no mater how small – or mini!”

The camera itself features a 1/2.8-type Exmore R CMOS image sensor, 1080p or 1080i (amongst most other SMPTE standards), genlock input, wide angle lens conversion, remote iris/shutter/white balance etc…"

For further information & rental pricing please contact us