Swedish House Mafia’s reunion shows were huge in every sense of the word, attracting around 135,000 people over three consecutive nights in the Swedish capital. LSi went behind the scenes to find out more.

14th June, 2019

Universal Pixel's largest screen deployment to date saw a 54m x 17m 5mm LED screen go into Stockholm's Tele2 Arena for Swedish House Mafia's first shows in six years. At over 900m2, it was around 20% larger than the UP screen on last year’s Roger Waters Us + Them outdoor shows.

Alex ‘LX’ Wilson, who took charge of video playback, laser programming and playback/midi tech, enthused: “Universal Pixels nailed that. It was utterly perfect. Every panel was calibrated correctly and colour-matched. It looked great.”

UP also supplied four Sony HDC4300 4k Camera PPU with FOH switching and a bespoke image processing and scaling package made up of Barco Image Pro 4k and stacked Barco EX units to upscale dual 4k feeds from Resolume to feed the overall 28k LED pixel canvas.

On working with Universal Pixels, Show Designer Sam Tozer said: “When I first drafted the design with the huge screen, I knew it was going to be push, but it came out as I envisioned it. The Universal Pixels team was amazing. This was my first time using them and it won’t be the last.”

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