Supporting John Peel Stage at Glastonbury

Universal Pixels, UP, was proud to have supported Glastonbury 2017 by supplying all video elements for the John Peel Stage, to Bryte Design. 

30th June, 2017

Paul Wood, Projects Director, said “With so many different demands and expectations from the various artists performing throughout the weekend it was critical all our elements were both flexible & reliable”

UP supplied 80sqm of Glux10 10mm LED Screen & 30sqm of Desay X5.2 5mm LED screen to provide the main LED screen backdrop and Band LED screen creative elements.

In addition to this, left & right 20' x 11' IMAG projection screens helped complete the look.

Playback used a pair of Green Hippo Karst servers and all screens could also access a feed from a Panasonic AV-HVS410 vision mixer and PPU, (managed and engineered by Paul Maddock-Jones) with 3 Hitachi SK-HD1200E cameras placed throughout the arena to provide Camera coverage for IMAG and LED screens. Backstage bars & green room areas had show relay monitors installed.

Pablo Beckett (Bryte Design's Designer and Producer for John Peel stage), commented on UP’s involvement “It was a smooth process from the get-go. Paul and UP managed to work within the budget and time constraints, delivering a great looking show for the audience & artists. It was a real pleasure”


Image: REX