Rag’n’Bone Man Packs Out Alexandra Palace

Universal Pixels provided Rag’n’Bone Man with a full IMAG system for his packed out gig at Alexandra Palace.

14th March, 2018

Paul Wood worked with Tour Manager Toby Iddison to deliver a stunning solution on time & on budget. Toby commented “Crew were great, looked good and the video cut was bang on”

Four Epson LB-1755U were specified to fill 20ft high portrait IMAG screens and UP’s 2ME Kula System to cut the FOH long lens, Pit camera, and a locked off UP 3G Block camera. Paul Wood said “Once again the Epson projectors performed flawlessly, doing the job of previous generation lamped 20k projectors, for a fraction of the power, size & weight.”

Charles Wood, Video Director, did a fantastic job getting all the shots in with very little rehearsals time. Dhanuka Karunanayake was his right hand man helping setup the Kula system & engineering the cameras during the show. Further support was provided by Clifford Smith & Jay Mobbs Beal.