Girls & Boys at The Royal Court Theatre

Universal Pixels was pleased to supply The Royal Court Theatre with projection mapping video equipment for it’s latest production, Girls & Boys.

8th February, 2018

Universal Pixels were approached by Luke Halls Studio to provide a compromise projection & Disguise 2x4 system to help bring Es Devlins’ set to life. Luke Halls explains “a LIDAR scan of the set was required to ensure a very accurate detailed map could be built. Once this had been interpreted, and loaded into the disguise 3D environment, it allowed us to really accurately highlight elements of the set at a moments notice.”

A combination of Epson LB1755 & LB1505 projectors were used. Oliver Luff, Universal Pixels, said “Epson units were specified due to their minimal noise levels which were critical for the auditorium placement of the projectors and the nature of a theatre show.”

Oliver Luff continued “We were keen to ensure Luke had all the tools he needed at his disposal for such a demanding show. To help with this we made sure our Disguise system was equipped with the latest IP KVM system, 10 gigabit networking, Fibre Infrastructure & top of the line programming laptops”

Girls & Boys runs at the Royal Court, Jerwood Theatre Downstairs from 8th February to 17th March.


Written by Dennis Kelly

Directed by Lyndsey Turned

Photographs by Marc Brenner