Franz Ferdinand 'Always Ascending' with UP

Universal Pixels, UP, are providing a video package to Franz Ferdinand for their ongoing tour in support of the new album ‘Always Ascending’

14th March, 2018

Phil Mercer worked with Franz Ferdinand's show designer Cormac Jackson and production manager Michael “Curly” Jobson to work on a detailed and equipment specification to help bring the performance to life. The focus of the video onstage was a flown 12m x 3m ROE CB5 LED wall, being driven by a Catalyst system.

Various live camera elements were also provided by a Sony HDC1500 with XJ76 lens at FOH, three Agile Arc Lite PTZ cameras and one of UP’s 3G Block cameras. UP’s custom RCP also allowed for full remote engineering on the block cameras to really help in the low light situations.

Phil Mercer commented “The UP 3G block camera was the natural choice to work alongside the Agile Arc cameras as they both use the same image sensor technology allowing shots to be cut between without any colour or image quality shifts - which looks amazing on a 5mm LED screen.”

Phil also added that “As the video package was added mid-tour and the current run visits a variety of venue sizes, flexible touring packaging & a top quality crew of Steve Grinceri and Will Wright are key to having the video perform flawlessly every night"”