Agile's ARC360 PTZ Cameras joins Universal Pixels' rental fleet

Agile Remote Cameras has supplied six ARC360 PTZ cameras to Universal Pixels for use on Robbie Williams’ current stadium tour, ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour’. Mounted in exposed positions around the main stage, the PTZ cameras provide live pictures for the large screens on stage and are used for close-up shots, mixed in with footage from larger broadcast cameras.

21st August, 2017

The ARC360 camera originates from a PTZ model designed by Marine Camera Solutions, which has been developing cameras for use on board offshore racing yachts for many years. The MCS cameras were installed on all the competitors in the 35th America’s Cup, from the opening races in Portsmouth in 2015 to the finals in Bermuda in June this year, capturing spectacular footage at speeds of 40-plus knots under the most challenging racing conditions.

The new ARC360 remote PTZ camera is similarly equipped to deal with extreme weather, ideal for use in a wide variety of applications from remote inhospitable locations to live music events. It is a sealed waterproof unit with a built-in wiper blade, featuring an innovative anti-fogging and condensation system for optimum picture quality, along with 3G SDI connectivity. Once installed, the precision-engineered camera can be left alone, thanks to intuitive software-driven features and remote firmware updates.

“We use the ARC360 cameras all over the stage for the Robbie Williams tour, plus one at front of house, so they are really exposed to the elements, often receiving a drenching,” explains Oliver Luff, Director at Universal Pixels. “The zoom range on the cameras is great, with a fast response which is essential for covering such an energetic show. They also have excellent sensitivity, so we can mix the pictures in with those from broadcast cameras.

“We required the product at very short notice but Tony and the team at Agile stepped up to the mark, even flying out to the show to help ensure a smooth delivery process! We were really impressed by the build time, and level of service, we received, and continue to receive, from Agile Cameras.”

“The camera block technology used by Agile also matches our own brand 3G mini cams so the two products can sit side by side on the same show with no difference in the picture. This gives fantastic flexibility to shows, and helps maintain affordability for a mixed PTZ & static rig”